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Portable Manual Juicer Mini

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1.Perfect for lemon, orange, lime, pawpaw and so on.
2. Professional juicer, high efficiency,durable, e asy to handle and clean.
3.Can be hand washed and applicable to dishwasher.
4.Lightweight and portable.
5. Six blades flesh fixed slot,More in-depth fixed flesh.
6. Using 12-pin fixed position, it can better fix the fruit, to ensure that the fruit firmly in the screw cap!
7.Using ABS food grade plastic material,Safe and odorless.
8 . Humanize design,cup with thicker material, more durable!Semicircular fil ter holes trapezoidal,To ensure smooth fruit juice filter!
9.It is a lso great gifts for families and friends.
1.Cut the orange half
2.Button up the orange
3 Cover the lid
4.To rotate the lid
5. Leaving only the orange peel