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Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Product description

Continuing the legacy and stylish design of the Turbine series, the 4th generation of Turbine T4 has noise cancelling and excellent bass/treble as its core features. Designed with well engineered titanium 57mm diaphragm to strengthen the bass, together with ANC active noise cancelling, Bluedio T4 provides listeners with excellent music quality. T4's industrial design is future ready, it uses TYPE C 3-in-1 interface which supports rapid charging as well as a easy charging control.Rotating ear cups and a reflective mirror design on ear cups provide this high end phones with elegant looks and make a fashion statement.

Bluedio T4 (Turbine) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear Bluetooth Headphones

ANC Technology
T4's Active Noise Cancelling technology cuts off surround noise significantly and lets you enjoy your music in its pure form. The ANC technology works in tandem with the 57mm drivers, so you can enjoy the immersive experience of listening a top notch music sound stage. You can always count on T4 headphones for crisp,vivid highs.

TYPE-C Three in One Interface
Turbine 4th generation uses TYPE-C three in one interface which supports charging and data transmitting. It can be plugged in both sides, so it's very easy to use.

Full Controls on Headphones
Active noise cancel can be turned on or off using the easy switch control provided on the right ear cup. The buttons provided on the ear cups provide a intuitive control to manage the power, volume and track control. Call Control can be done using these ergonomic buttons.

Rotating cup Design and Flat folding mechanism
To protect your ears, T4 comes with over-ear muffs and a rotating ear cup design for better fit. These headphones can be folded flat so they can accompany you on flights and long journeys without the worry of breaking.

In the box
Turbine 4th generation headphone
3.5mm turn TYPE-C audio cable
USB TYPE-C charging cable
Flocking bag
User manual

Trouble shooting steps:
1,unpair the headphone, remove the pairing memory and then enter the pairing mode and pair again. 
2,Reset the headphone: Power on the headphones.Charge the headphones for 10 seconds or so, the headphones would power off on their own(you can see the LED goes out), unplug the cable.Power on the headphones again.And remove the pairing memory of your device,then pair again.