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Neck Cream Skincare Anti wrinkle Gensing Root & Aloe Extract Set

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Face & Neck Firming Cream,Smooths Wrinkles and Fine Lines

MEIKING Neck Mask Neck Cream Skincare Anti wrinkle Whitening Moisturizing Nourishing Firming Neck Care Set Skin Care Set 180g

Anti-time and anti wrinkle neck cream

[ Main components ]
Water, glycerin, oil olive oil, bear fruit leaf extract, rhodiola root, polygonatum odoratum extract, snow lotus extract, xanthan gum, tocopherol (vitamin E), arbutin

[ Effects ]
Weaken neck wrinkles, help skin to recover elasticity; tighten outline, enable neck skin to be tender and white; pull and tighten, make outline of loose chin more charming

[ Applicable skin texture ]
Especially suitable for people whose neck is lack of water, has microgrooves, and who want smooth and tender beautiful neck

[ Net content ] 100g
Weaken skin wrinkles, whiten and replenish water
Anti-time and anti-wrinkle neck film

[ Main components ]
Water, glycerin, ginseng root extract, ganoderma lucidum extract, aloe extract, hydrolyzed pearl, Tuckahoe extract