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Multifunctional Handsaw

Multifunctional Handsaw

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Multifunctional Handsaw Woodworking Universal Hand Saw Mini Hacksaw DIY For Wood Plastic Pvc Sawing Glass Ceramic Tile Cutting


This product is widely used in construction,decoration,handicraft processing and other
outdoor leisure activities and an essential tool for the average family.
The Magic Saw is a light compact hand-saw that lets you cut almost any material in both straight line
and in curved line.
Name:Hand DIY saw
Material:stainless steel,aluminum, iron

1. Emery round saw blade: for processing ceramics, glass, stone and so on
2. Small Saw Blade: for processing iron, copper, aluminum and other metals
and wood, bamboo, plastic, rubber and so on
3. Emery flat saw blade: for grinding, removal of glass, metal surface burr and so on
4. Wood Saw Blade: for processing wood and plastic
5. Fix the wooden stripe screw
6. Positioning Center: for ceramic tile, soft metal drilling and glass, ceramic tile
Stainless steel saw bow, aluminum handle saw frame