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Identity Theft Protection Stamp

Identity Theft Protection Stamp

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Identity Theft Protection Stamp Seal Roller Self Inking Stock Stamp Guard Your ID Confidentiality Code Confidential Seal

Product Material :ABS
Product Weight :15mm : 32g 26mm:50g
Product Size :
4.7*4*7.5 cm 15mm / 26mm
1.25 inches wide encrypted pattern in combination with oil based ink penetrates non-glossy papers so personal information cannot be seen at the front or back

Make your personal information illegible with this self inking roller stamp
Protect your personal details on letters, bank statements, credit card bills etc with this self-inking ID rolling stampSelf-inking identity theft stamp designed with a special pattern to hide confidential information printed beneath

Ideal for use on junk mail, credit card offers, and bills. This product works best on non-glossy paper.

This identity theft protection stamp eliminates the need for a noisy and expensive shredder, or can be used in conjunction with a shredder for added security
Thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessarysided ink pad to double the life of the pad