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Electric Wine Aerator

Electric Wine Aerator

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Electric Wine dispenser will provide you an effortless bar experience from your home bar counter. It accelerates aeration through a built-in electronic air pressure system and dispenses fully aerated wine directly from bottle to glass with the touch of a button. And it also will help to reduce any strong hints of Ethanol allowing the flavors to better express themselves.

Electric Wine Aerator

Compared with traditional aerator, it can oxidate the tannin and volatilize sulphur dioxide more effectively to produce better flavour.

Soften Spirit

Spirit can be softened by the electtic wine aerator and be less "spicy" and bitter.

Aerate and Serve

It sits on top any size wine bottle making a tight seal to store open bottles of wine and allows for a classy and convenient way to serve properly aerated wine

Easy to Use

Powered by 6 AAA batteries, it easily attaches to the top of any glass wine bottle and starts to operate with a touch of the button.