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Electric Double Spring Whisk Head

Electric Double Spring Whisk Head

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1.Within 15-20 seconds, this electric milk frother will give you rich and thick froth to decorate your drinks. Not only can it create creamy and perfect milk froth, but also it can be used to make hot or cold drinks, or even whip eggs.
2. handheld milk frother is equipped with both a double whisk head, more powerful and efficient, suited to meet different needs.
3.Made from stainless steel, this drink frother has sensibly-sized cylindrical handle for easy gripping. Through placing the operating button on the top, your hand will be in an ergonomically desirable position. It's a design constructed to combine durability and beauty.
4. This electric stirrer is made from high-quality stainless steel and ABS food grade plastic. Its full metal body and components guarantee less risk of short lifespan and more esthetic effects. Besides, its low noise motor barely makes a sound, creating a cozy and convivial atmosphere .
5.Long whisk can adapt to a variety of life needs. Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, hot chocolate, eggs, just enjoy yourself. Also, ONE-TOUCH BUTTON makes it much more convenient to operate this latte frother, even a green hand can easily use this machine.