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Digital Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder 4 times/Day

Digital Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder 4 times/Day

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★ Automatic feeding device can feed your pet by the quantity on time , avoiding the owner's worry and trouble, fully embodies the harmony of human and animal emotions. 
★ This product, the appearance is exquisite, the design is novel, the function is practical, is the fish's ideal life partner 

★ This product requires 2 AA batteries, not included, please prepare the battery.



★ Small particles (φ1.5) diets can be loaded 70 grams, 5 grams each time, you can feed 14 times; 

★ Large particles (φ4.5) diets can be fed 40 grams, 2 grams each time, you can feed 20 times. 


Install methods:

According to the form of the tank, there are two installation methods feeder. 

1. Edge of the stent placed in the tank, tighten the plastic screws. 

2. Velcro on both sides will be separated, torn sticker on the back, were to be attached to the bottom and the tank cover feeder appropriate location 



★ Don't twist the feeding box by hand. 

★ Do not use rechargeable batteries. 

★ The logo "Lo" displayed on the LCD indicates the power is low. If batteries are not replaceed after 3 days, all the programme will be stopped, and the feeder box may be stopped in the inappropriate place. 

★ If LCD is displayed abnormally after completing batteries setting, please take out batteries and set them after one minute. (it is not malfunction of the feeder)