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Burrito Blanket

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Product description

Warm up in dryer for full effect 🔥🔥🔥🔥

The mission of Outivity is not only to provide high quality products on the market, but also let you become special and unique.

In order to make the blanket more healthy, comfortable and skin- friendly, we choose fabrics and production processes very strictly. Because we take customers' health into priority. In the past few years, we have been upgrading, improving our products to serve every customer wholeheartedly.

Perfect Gift for You

perfect gift

Novelty Gift on Different Occasions

Still feel headache about which gift to send?

This is an irresistible and cute gift for you.

This blanket is the perfect gift for kids, teens, college students, and even adults that like to have fun and have a good sense of humor. It can be a baby shower gift, a birthday gift, an anniversary gift and a Valentine's Day gift. Your family and friends will be amazed at what they received !

Novelty Burrito Blanket for Pet, Baby and Adults

pet blanket

tortilla dog blanket

Tortilla dog blanket for your pet dog. Small size blanket for small dog, big size for big dog.

tortilla dog blanket

pet burrito blanket

Burrito blanket for your pet cat. The small size blanket is big enough for her.

baby tortilla swaddle blanket

baby tortilla swaddle blanket

Burrito swaddle blanket for your baby or kid. Very Soft and comfy on a baby skin.

tortilla wrap blanket

tortilla wrap blanket

Tortilla wrap blanket for teenagers and adults. The big size will be perfect to wrap them in, just like a real burrito.

Sofa Blanket
Nap Blanket
Bed Blanket
Travel Blanket

Use Indoor or Outdoor

Our burritos tortilla blanket can keep you warm in air-conditioned rooms,especially sitting in front of the computer in office room. It can also used for airplane, camping, and picnic to make sure you are comfortable on the road. Lightweight and convenient to carry.