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6pc Damascus Kitchen Knives Set

6pc Damascus Kitchen Knives Set

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Blade material: 7Cr17 stainless steel
Handle material: color wood
Package includes:
1 * 8'' Chef knife
Knife weight: 195g
1 * 8'' Slicing knife
Knife weight: 163.8g
1 * 7'' Japanese cook's knife
Knife weight: 197g
1 * 5'' Santoku knife
Knife weight: 95.8g
1 * 5'' Utility knife
Knife weight: 88.8g
1 * 3.5'' Paring knife
Knife weight: 83.8g

The 7CR17 stainless steel blade is treated by the mirror light,with the super good metal texture,displaying the knives’ noble.

Expert craftsmen hand polish the knives to a mirror finish perfect edge for a blade that is 30% sharper than competitors, adding days to manufacture time. 

The Pattern of the laser technology is no chemical ,safe and healthy.

Color wood handle is designed a good sense of the touch by professional staff.

Cleans easily ,then put the knives in the dry place,Maintenance is so easy