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Military multi Functional Folding Tool 23 in 1

Military multi Functional Folding Tool 23 in 1

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  1. Shovel surface+G1 tube, Multi-function knife+G2 tube,  Screwdriver+G3 tube. Broken window cone+compass top cover.

    Extensions: Tactical stick/mountaineering stick (according to demand additional long rod with the use of)

    Process: High-temperature heat-shovel shovel treatment, post-surface polishing, aluminum handle hardening and oxidation


    1. Cutting.pricking, get scale knife, corkscrew, screwdriver

    2. Accessories:Mutli-function knife.screwdriver.broken window cone.compass.lost hand rope.protective cover.

    3. Compass, broken window cone, alpenstock, tactical stick. 

  2. Best use: Camping, hiking, self-driving equipment, riding camping, emergency tools.