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10 Pcs/Set Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set Non-Stick

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1. Hygienic:Solid silicone surface on these kitchen utensils means no crevices for bacteria to grow;
2. 100% FDA Grade, BPA Free Silicone coated cooking utensil set;
3. Perfectly shaped heads: perfect for all those hard to reach places;
4. Ergonomically designed silicone coat;
5. Non-stick cooking utensils: Won't scratch pots and pans;
6. Dishwasher safe kitchen tools;
7. HEAT RESISTANT (UP TO 550 degrees Fahrenheit ).
A Slotted turner 29.5cm*8cm/11.6"*3.1"
B Large scraper 28cm*5.5cm/11"*2.1"
C Whisk 25cm*5.8cm/9.8"*2.2"
D Small scraper 21.5cm*4cm/8.4"*1.5"
E Brush 21cm*3.5cm/8.2"*1.3"
F Spoon 28cm*5.9cm/11"*2.3"
G Pasta fork 28.5cm*5.6cm/11.2"*2.2"
H Spoonula 27cm*5.8cm/10.6"*2.2"
I Slotted spoon 27.5cm*5.8cm/10.8"*2.2"
J Kitchen Tongs 27cm*3.8cm/10.6"*1.5"