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Ocean Wave Projector With Remote Control

Ocean Wave Projector With Remote Control

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The Ocean Wave Night Light Projector will make you relaxed and will appease your senses before you fall asleep. The built-in mini speaker and the night light projector creates a relaxing ambiance at home. This night light works for all ages whether its for your young kids, adults, or seniors.

7 Colorful Light Modes - Choose your mood with red, blue, green or multicolor shows. The colorful light casts on ceilings or walls and will create the romantic, relaxation, or cozy ambiance you need.

Choose Your Lullaby and Music - Imagine seeing the soothing ocean waves and hearing your favorite song playing. This night light has a built-in speaker so that you can play your favorite lullabies or music. You can use the audio cable or the MicoSD slot.

Intelligent Sleep Mode - Energy efficient design allows the Night Light to be turn off automatically after 1, 2, or 4 hours. Now, you never have to worry about turning it off while you are sound asleep.

Put it Anywhere - This night light was created to help you unwind and relax anywhere. The night light can be used wirelessly with batteries or plugged in. Easily transport this from your living room to any bedroom and transform it into the ocean.

Perfect Gift for Anyone - Whether for your kid whose afraid of the dark, adult or senior, the night light is sure to impress and sooth anyone.  This is a must for anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, relaxing or winding down.